Step by Step Customer Journey

1. Choose Building and Finalise Plans

The container building will be chosen from our ranges or the customer will have a bespoke modular in mind. We have full architect plans for all our standard buildings or can draw up plans for bespoke products at an extra cost.

2. Planning Permission is Applied for

Planning permission is needed for all living spaces in the UK. The customer can apply for planning themselves or our reputable agent can apply on the customers. behalf, Please click here for more information on this planning process.

3. Order is Placed and Contract Signed

If a planning application was required and ultimately approved the customer will now be in a position to place an order for the building. A contract will be supplied specifying terms of payment and signed by both parties. At this stage a deposit will be paid.

4. Foundations are Prepared

Foundations are prepared for the modular building by our contractor, these are generally concrete blocks or can be screw piles in high flood risk areas, depending on what was approved at the planning stage.

5. Building is Completed & Booked in

Once the building is completed it is booked in for delivery, a date will be booked in with the customer at this point.

6. Delivery and Installation

The modular is delivered by our haulage company, a crane will also be supplied to position the container(s) in position. For the assemblers (used for all except the Oslo which needs no assembly) will also be on site to complete installation, this can take a few days. Solar Panels are installed last, as well as the optional battery storage packs.

7. Signed off by Building Control

The building is signed off by building control and the balance of monies is paid.

8. Relax and Enjoy!

Relax and enjoy your home in the knowledge that you've done your part in being part of the net zero revolution.