Why Choose us?

Manufactured to Passive House Specification


Our modulars are manufactured with efficiency in mind, all the buildings are manufactured to Passive House criteria, please click here to find our more information. This Passive House specification helps us to achieve the zero energy ratings.


Zero Energy Ready


Our container homes are supplied Zero Energy ready, meaning that they generate as much energy as they consume over the year. Solar panels generate the electricity whilst Passive House specification helps towards an energy efficient building.


Turnkey Ready


All our container homes are supplied pre fabricated, they are manufactured off site. Most models with the exception of the Oslo (which is turnkey ready once delivered) need a few days work in regards to installation on site until they are fully turnkey ready.



Lower Energy Bills


Zero Energy helps lead to lower cost of ownership and bills for tenants / owners. Zero Energy protects against inevitable energy price rises in the future. It reduces the cost of living for students and the elderly. Zero Energy measures are cheaper to install into a new modular than fit at a later date. Investments into zero energy modulars show value when measuring energy efficiencies. The resale value of modulars will increase with continued energy costs rising.


Latest Technology Installed


Our modular units are built to a very high specification, using the latest techniques and technologies. All homes are supplied with the most up to date energy efficient systems. This includes air to air heat pumps, heat recovery systems, solar panels, LED lighting and underfloor heating in wet areas.

Premium Quality


Quality is paramount, to keep customers spreading the word about how structurally sound these units are. You will find insulation that will rival any new build house with technology that in most cases surpass the average home. The life span for the homes is up to 100 years, which is the same as a brick built house. A standard 10 year warranty is supplied.



Environmental & Health Factors

Helps eliminate the need for fossil-fuel power plants and ultimately reduces green house gas emissions. Great for helping sustainability in the environment for future generations. The Cement Industry is one of the biggest producers of CO2 in the world, the construction of modular buildings reduces the need for cement production for houses. Producing renewable energy opens up opportunities to use this excess power over environmentally friendly transportation such as electric bikes and cars. Research has also proven that a zero energy space leads to more productive work area and a better learning environment in general. Adding comfort, efficiency and healthier spaces.

Its an investment

Investments into zero energy modulars show value when measuring energy efficiencies. The Resale Value of Modulars will increase with continued energy costs rising. This and the fact that Zero Energy Ready homes will be a requirement in years to come. meaning that the value of the these homes are very investable.



Eco-Friendly construction

Another plus point about being made in a factory is that any off cuts of timber or left over insulation can just be used on the next build. This indoor construction means assembly can also continue what ever the weather is outside, thus continuing to speed up the build process.

Low waste

With the same buildings being built time after time, the specific amount of materials are ordered leaving less waste. A traditional house build would also have lots of packaging left over, which needs to be disposed of. This is another cost that modular construction can save you when comparing to a traditional build.

Speed of construction

Modular construction allows for the building and the site work to be completed simultaneously. This can speed up the build time dramatically. With modular construction, walls, floors, ceilings, and rafters are all built at the same time, and then brought together in the same factory to form a building.