About Us

Our Vision

A sustainable future through everyday living.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the market leader in passive modular housing. By reducing a buildings ecological footprint through innovative design and the adoption of new technology, we aim to provide homes that enable future generations to live sustainably.


What Motivates Us

At Zero Energy Modular, we recognise that in order to live sustainably, the UK needs to revolutionise the energy efficiency of the housing market. Our way is through the application of new technology, while considering new and improved building techniques in construction.

To influence this we are pioneering and developing modular solutions that lead the way in energy efficiency, combine technology and construction techniques that we think will, overall, benefit the future of UK construction.

Our focus is to deliver accommodation solutions that are not only innovative but provide value for money for our customers. By adhering to the 5 principles of passive housing and combining it with modern building techniques, we are able to provide efficient and aspirational solutions that enable our customers to be net zero energy consumers.

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