Tromso Zero Modular

Eco House Made From Containers - Healthy Living

10 Year Warranty

ETA - 2-3 Months

Zero Energy Ready

Premium Quality

Bedroom 1 (Room 1.1) - 4.54m x 2.3m

Bathroom 1 (Room 1.2) - 1.2m x 2.3m

Bedroom 2 (Room 2.1) - 3.09m x 3.13m

Bathroom 2 (Room 2.2) - 1.2m x 2.3m

Ceiling Height - 2.4m

Building Dimensions - 12.86m Wide x 3.17m Depth


The Tromso maximises space through efficient design to provide two separate living spaces with individual entrances to each. As standard the layout for both studios allow room for a bed, desk, compact kitchen and en-suite bathroom. The internal living area for each studio is 13m² so the rooms have been expertly designed to optimise the space. The Tromso is manufactured by using one modular unit therefore it is easily transported with minimal installation required on site. As with all our buildings, this unit is manufactured to German Passive House standards, enabling zero energy living and therefore minimal running costs.


Construction and Insulation

The Modulars are constructed from recycled load beariing shipping containers making them environmentally friendly. Only 40ft High Cube containers are used, this optimisises the internal living space for all our homes.

Our insulation is very thick all around the home, the walls are around 370mm thick, floors 385mm thick and roof is up to 400mm thick. After the insulation specification has been achieved the building is carefully sealed with special sealing tapes to make the house extremely airtight.

Windows and Doors

All interior doors are Manufactured from solid oak for that added bit of comfort.

All windows are triple glazed, helping achieve our impressive zero energy ratings.


Solar Panels are installed on the roof, the energy produced can be sold back to the grid.

Ceramics heaters are used throughout, these are proven to be very cost efficient to run. Underfloor heating is also included in bathroom areas.

Each Modular has an Air Ventilation system installed which provides continuous fresh air throughout the building.

Thermostats are provided throughout the house, including bathroom areas to control underfloor heating as well as bedroom areas for ceramic heaters.

All homes contain an exterior efficient Air to Air Heat Pump connected to a internal inverter with Heating and Cooling Capabilities.

Our heating and cooling system can be controlled via the app for optimum efficiency.


Siberian Larch Oiled

Exterior Tiles

Water and Sewage


Installation of water supply pipes and sewage systems (inside house only)


Energy Consumption

Solar Power Generated*


Climate Control, Water Heating & Lighting


Electronic Appliances - Television(s), Stereo, Computer(s), Kettle, Microwave.


Domestic Appliances - Cooker, Dish Washer.


Surplus Energy Generated


*Visit to see the potential generation in your location.

The Showhome

Please see below photos of the showhome - this is based on our Oslo Modular Home